your heart is a flower
water it daily
with joy
with songs
with cotton candy skies,
watercolor sunsets
and kind words
let the light find you
and make sure the sun
shines on it
and watch it



when the night
gets too dark
and the road
is too long,
remember that
stars live
within you
and in you
lies the light
that will guide you home.

you are worthy.

listen to the stars as they shine
for you,
hoping that you’ll climb your way
up to them and grab them
and keep them in your heart
and at night, when it gets
too dark for you,
they’ll whisper and tell you
that you’re worthy as they
shine through you.
listen and look at the wildflowers,
who don’t listen to anyone,
who do not worry,
who grow where they please
and take them,
and put them on your head,
replacing the shame that
hung over you
and listen to them sing that
you’re worthy.
but most of all,
listen to your heart.
listen to its beat, listen
to its melody, to its
song for you.
listen and know and believe
that you are worthy.

i dare you to come alive.

to be what you
want to be
to let the art
in your heart
to let the song
of your soul play
to be alive
to never settle
to find what you’re looking
to chase the clouds
and the light
and your dreams
to come alive.

come closer.

come closer,
look inside,
and don’t be afraid
of what you might find.
travel down
the roads of your soul,
until you know by heart
every corner and place
of your being.
learn your fears so
you may know how
to fight them,
and gaze at your skies
and try to number
the millions of stars
in your heart,
and trace with your hands
every bit of who you are,
and know yourself
so you may not
forget yourself,
and your worth,
and the constellations
of grace and light
inside you.
do not forget yourself,
do not ignore the
melody of your heart,
do not doubt your
beauty, your worth,
and the bits of glory
and stardust sprinkled
on your skin.
come closer.

you are alive.

wake up,

my soul,

and look,

and see the

life blooming in


watch the flowers

of love

and the rivers

of wild grace

rushing through


gaze at the

glittering stars in your eyes,

watch mercy

and life dance

within you.

wake up,

my soul,

and look,

and see,

you are alive.

completely loved.

i am unfinished
but beautiful,
because it is You
the one who is
writing my story,
because it is You
who weaves me
with threads of
hope and grace,
because it is You
who whispers at
my ear and tells
that even though
i am incomplete,
i am completely loved.

tell your story.

don’t keep quiet.
go, and tell your story.
sing it from the rooftops
and shout it from the mountaintops.
write it in the sky,
tattoo it on your skin
and braid it in your hair;
tell your story.
don’t let it go unheard,
because there is wonder
in your story,
there is grace in your
because your words
are stepping stones
to freedom.
tell your story.

Written for and inspired by my friend Tawni.

dreams were made for you and you were made to dream.

don’t be afraid to dream
because dreams were made for you
and you were made to dream.
close your eyes,
and let your soul be surprised
by the fire kindled in your heart
and the spark that lights your eyes.
so darling,
close your eyes,
and let your soul be surprised
and let it marvel at the dreams
that were planted in your heart
and just like wildflowers,
let them bloom.
but darling,
don’t be surprised
when the wildflowers blossom
and your dreams come true.