don’t run away

don’t run away from the pain,
because it is yours just as much
as hope is.
learn from it and grow,
for it is part of your story.


with wild courage.

i am not your words,
i am my own.
i am writing a story of grace and fire,
hope rising.
i am a flower,
i am a tree, rooted in my worth,
and i do not bend when the rains come,
i don’t bow to the wind.
i stand,
tall and graceful,
with wild courage.


you say that when i’m skinny
i’ll be pretty,
but don’t you see that now
i smile easily,
and my eyes look like the stars?
don’t you see that my laughter
sounds like a song,
and my feet are lighter
and nothing weighs me down?
you say i will be pretty,
but don’t you see that i already am,
that i always have been?
don’t you see i am much more than
that i am someone with dreams,
with hope and light?

thank You.

because the sun shines
and the sky is blue
and spring always finds its way
after the winter is through
because hope is alive
and the birds always sing
because there is rain
and because there are rainbows too
because i can write and sing and love
and feel
and this heart of mine beats
because grace is always there for me
because You hear me
because there are always
beautiful things to see
despite all the brokenness
because there was a yesterday
and there is a tomorrow
because You remain
because You are here,
with me.
thank You.

don’t carry what doesn’t belong to you.

find rest, my soul.
be still, my soul.
know you are weak,
know you are small.
let go of your fears,
let go of your weariness,
let go of your shame.
my soul,
don’t carry what doesn’t
belong to you.
sing hallelujah,
my soul,
for love is coming your way.
sing hallelujah,
my soul,
for love will make you new.
love will wipe your tears,
love will sing to you,
love will carry you.

this love won’t break you.

be still.
close your eyes and
listen to my song for you.
let my love hold you,
let my love sing to you.
let my love rain
over you, bringing to life
your dry and weary soul.
and know,
know it in your bones,
that my love won’t hurt you,
my love won’t leave you,
my love won’t break you,
my love will heal you,
my love won’t break you.

a ladder.

let’s build a ladder,
you and i.
a ladder taller than
skyscrapers and towers,
a ladder so high
we can reach the stars
and grab them
and keep them in our souls
to fight away the darkness.
a ladder so tall
that we may rise above
sorrow and pain.
a ladder so high
that when we reach the top,
you and i
feel infinite and small at the
same time and maybe even
have a little taste at glory
when we look down
at the world.
let’s build a ladder,
you and i.
let’s climb our
way home.

set it free.

all good things
are wild and free
then darling,
your heart
is the wildest
and freest of
all things.
and if this is so,
let your heart
let it find love,
let it be free
from the chains
of fear
and let your heart soar,
let it touch the
sky and moon and
let it shine bright,
let it fly,
let it bring light,
let it know
what love is.
set it free.