completely loved.

i am unfinished
but beautiful,
because it is You
the one who is
writing my story,
because it is You
who weaves me
with threads of
hope and grace,
because it is You
who whispers at
my ear and tells
that even though
i am incomplete,
i am completely loved.


tell your story.

don’t keep quiet.
go, and tell your story.
sing it from the rooftops
and shout it from the mountaintops.
write it in the sky,
tattoo it on your skin
and braid it in your hair;
tell your story.
don’t let it go unheard,
because there is wonder
in your story,
there is grace in your
because your words
are stepping stones
to freedom.
tell your story.

Written for and inspired by my friend Tawni.

you are enough.

you are not failure.
you are not sin.
you are not your mistakes.
you are not what you did yesterday,
what you did today,
nor what you’ll do tomorrow.
you are not people’s words,
you are not people’s thoughts,
you are not what they say you will be.
you are your dreams,
you are what makes you smile
you are the words on your favorite book
you are the lyrics stuck in your head
you are the desires of your heart
and the words you write down
and you are beauty and you are hope
and you are life and you are a song
and you are forgiven and you are redeemed
and you are loved and you are bright
and you are wonderful and you are enough.

Written on November 17, 2014 for my friend Jennie.

joy soaked.

once you told me
i was a fountain
but you, you are a river.
you are a river of joy,
running, never stopping,
letting your joy stream
and spread and bring light
and life to all that surrounds it.
you are soaked in joy.

Written on November 1st, 2014 for my lovely friend Claire.

love lives in your soul.

poetry is braided
in your hair,
threads of grace
cover your skin.
art is in
your hands,
hope is a song
on your lips,
joy lives
in your heart,
and love-
love runs through
your veins,
love is the spark
in your eyes,
love makes your
heart beat,
love lives in
your soul.

Written for my friend Lo on November 1st, 2014.

bright and beautiful.

stars don’t compare to the
constellations of light
inside you,
and all the gold in the world
isn’t worth as much as you are.
and the sun, darling,
the sun can’t shine brighter than you.
you are sunlight,
you are beams of light and hope,
you are bright and beautiful.

Written on October 30th, 2014. Inspired by my friend Ansley.

for such a time as this.

your heart is beating,
you are breathing
because you were made
for such a time as this.
you have a song to sing,
you have words to say,
because you were made
for such a time as this.
a song was placed in your soul,
a fire kindled in your heart
because you were made
for such a time as this.

Written for my friend Jordan.

you are brave.

you look in the mirror
and i know you don’t see it,
but it’s there.
it lives in you.
it made your heart its home.
it shines in you when you can’t sleep
until your heart is on paper.
it is as real as your heartbeat.
it’s woven in your words.
it rings in your voice when you sing.
i see it in your eyes when you smile.
and i will say it until you believe it.
you, darling, are brave.

Written for my friend Jennie on September 23rd, 2014.

here is me.

when it’s raining in your heart
i will put my umbrella over it.
when your coffee is bitter,
i will be the sugar.
when your heart is breaking
i’ll buy a hundred band-aids.
when you’re feeling small,
i’ll tell you that you’re brave.
when you’re feeling tired,
i will let my shoulders be your pillow.
wherever you are,
there i’ll be.
whatever you need,
here is me.

Written for my mother on September 10th, 2014.