your heart is a flower
water it daily
with joy
with songs
with cotton candy skies,
watercolor sunsets
and kind words
let the light find you
and make sure the sun
shines on it
and watch it


don’t run away

don’t run away from the pain,
because it is yours just as much
as hope is.
learn from it and grow,
for it is part of your story.

with wild courage.

i am not your words,
i am my own.
i am writing a story of grace and fire,
hope rising.
i am a flower,
i am a tree, rooted in my worth,
and i do not bend when the rains come,
i don’t bow to the wind.
i stand,
tall and graceful,
with wild courage.


you say that when i’m skinny
i’ll be pretty,
but don’t you see that now
i smile easily,
and my eyes look like the stars?
don’t you see that my laughter
sounds like a song,
and my feet are lighter
and nothing weighs me down?
you say i will be pretty,
but don’t you see that i already am,
that i always have been?
don’t you see i am much more than
that i am someone with dreams,
with hope and light?

me quiero así.

me quiero así,
con mis ojos color noche
y mi nariz redonda
y la luna de canela que vive sobre ella.
me quiero así,
con mi pelo rizado e indomable
que solo se deja llevar por el viento.
me quiero así,
con mi piel del mismo color
del café con leche
que me gusta tanto.
me quiero así,
con mi poesía y sin ella,
con las palabras que siento,
con las palabras que callo.
me quiero así,
mágica y única;
porque así soy,
porque así me hicieron,
porque sí.

quiero un amor.

quiero un amor
que me sepa a miel,
un amor que me acaricie la piel
y que sus dedos se me enreden en el pelo.
quiero un amor
que no me lea la mente,
que me lea el corazón
y que conozca todos los recovecos de mi ser.
quiero un amor
con olor a café y rosas,
un amor que no se rinda,
que busque libertad.
quiero un amor
de poesía,
con promesas que rimen,
con versos libres
y palabras de amor,
quiero un amor
que me vea
tal como soy,
que no apague mi luz.
quiero un amor
que me quiera.

your love. // poem no. 320

your love
flows like a river
your love is a song
i want to hear
again and again and again
your love is like
drops of rain
your love
gets tangled in my soul
and gets caught between
my fingers
like thread
your love is
my milk and honey
my bread and wine
the stars of my sky
and the flowers of my spring
your love is mine.

thank You.

because the sun shines
and the sky is blue
and spring always finds its way
after the winter is through
because hope is alive
and the birds always sing
because there is rain
and because there are rainbows too
because i can write and sing and love
and feel
and this heart of mine beats
because grace is always there for me
because You hear me
because there are always
beautiful things to see
despite all the brokenness
because there was a yesterday
and there is a tomorrow
because You remain
because You are here,
with me.
thank You.