A Song of Bravery


Last month, I published my first poetry collection on Amazon Kindle. It is titled A Song of Bravery. It is composed of 73 poems, divided in three sections: Songs to God, Songs for You, and Songs from my Heart. There is also a section titled A Song of Bravery, which includes the poem that gave the collection its name. All of the poems are different, but together they are my song of bravery. It has taken lots of courage to put my words and heart out there. I’ve had to be brave with my heart, my life and my words. I’ve had to learn to believe in myself and my art, and to take pride in the gifts God has given me.
A Song of Bravery is very special to me. All of the poems in this collection are heartfelt and vulnerable and honest. They are all bits of me, and I hope that whoever reads my poetry loves it as much as I do. Many of the poems I have posted here are included in the book, such as maybe i just needed it to rain, the stars that hid in your eyes, beautiful, let the daylight in and tell your story, inspired by my friend Tawni. as well as 10 poems that are exclusive to the book.

I feel very blessed and honored by the love my poetry has gotten in the last month. Friends and strangers have messaged me, tweeted about the book and   even written reviews on their blogs. The book has 5 five-star reviews on Amazon and one on Goodreads. Dream chasing is something beautiful. I hope you can be brave enough to chase after your dreams, too.

You can read more about my thoughts on this book on my blog, In My Pocket, and you can purchase A Song of Bravery for your Kindle device or your Kindle App for iOS, Android, PC or Mac here. It’s only 0.99! If you get it, I hope you love it, and I hope to hear back from you!


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