i wonder.

sometimes on bright days
when i can’t stop smiling,
when i look up at the sky
with a sparkle in my eyes
i can hear your voice
and i feel the scars you
left on my heart
and i wonder if the sun
is shining for you too
i wonder if the same hope
that is nestled in my heart
lives in yours too
and sometimes i wonder
if the last words
i said to you visit you
at night just like the pain
you gave me sometimes does
but mostly i wonder
if you’re happy
i wonder if you have love
i wonder if the memories
of the short amount of bliss
that we had make you smile
i wonder if you’re okay
and honestly, i
hope you are.

I wrote this poem for someone who I really looked up to and one day, unexpectedly, stopped having contact with me. I never knew why, and I still don’t. For a long time I was bitter about it, and it took time to forgive that person and to trust others. Forgiveness is hard, but it’s so much better to live without that burden.


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