in my soul.

in my soul
You placed joy,
You’ve given me
dreams to chase and
You’ve given me
a calling to pursue.
in my soul You placed eternity,
and in my soul You’ve put
the hope that my face
won’t be stained in tears ever again.
in my soul You’ve planted
a garden blooming with
love and grace and new mercies,
and in my soul
You’ve left your fingerprints
and the song of your heartbeat.


dreams were made for you and you were made to dream.

don’t be afraid to dream
because dreams were made for you
and you were made to dream.
close your eyes,
and let your soul be surprised
by the fire kindled in your heart
and the spark that lights your eyes.
so darling,
close your eyes,
and let your soul be surprised
and let it marvel at the dreams
that were planted in your heart
and just like wildflowers,
let them bloom.
but darling,
don’t be surprised
when the wildflowers blossom
and your dreams come true.


look up at the sky
and smile at it,
because as endless as the sky
is the hope you’ve been given
and the love inside your heart.
because as beautiful as the sky
are your dreams.
because you shine brighter
than the sun in the sky
and have more worth
than all the stars in heaven.
look up at the sky
and smile at it,
because heaven is your home.

even if it breaks me.

break me.
break my heart.
break me,
and tear down my walls
and tear down my idols
and tear down and break
what keeps me from You.
and remake me,
and put me back together.
weave my soul with your
threads of mercy and grace.
change me and make me more
like You, do what You have to do,
even if it breaks me.

You never changed.

i left your side and
i searched for something more
something bigger than You
and all i found was emptiness
and i stopped loving You
and i searched for something else to love
but i couldn’t find it
and in my aimless wandering,
in my idiotic quest for something other than You
i forgot You
and it was such a long time before
i decided to come back and return home
and it was such a long distance that i put
between You and me
and not for a moment
did You
leave me
stop loving me
forget me
You never changed.


joy shines through
the darkness and
the bitterness of the
season you’re walking through.
it shines through
your heart and your soul
and who you are because
you refuse to let your
joy be stolen.
instead, you give it away,
sprinkling and scattering
and showering everyone
you run into with streams
and beams and rays of
this pure and immaculate
bliss, this real joy
that doesn’t waver,
that doesn’t stumble,
that never ends,
that never fades,
that never goes away.
it’s a fountain, it’s a river
that comes from
living water,
a river that never
stops running,
a river that brings
life to everything
that surrounds it.


i lost myself in words
and in the voices that said
that i was too weak, too small,
too inconsequential. and i lost
myself looking for love in the
wrong places and i lost myself
in vanity and lies and sorrow
and grief and in temporary fills
when i should have lost myself
in your heart and in your arms
and in your mercy and grace but
You found me and You made me lose
myself in your promises and in your love and life
and in the hope and rest that You give.

maybe i just needed it to rain.

i didn’t want rain.
i wanted beauty.
i wanted to see the rising sun
touch the blooming flowers
and i wanted to fall in love
with the glow of the sunset.
but it rained.
maybe i needed the rain,
because i needed to remember
that rain makes
the blooming flowers grow
and rain brings rainbows
and it washes away the
ugliness and brings back beauty.
and maybe i needed the rain
to remind me that i won’t always
be broken, that the brokenness
will be made whole, that this
season one day will be a dim memory,
that You will wipe away my tears,
that You make it rain on my heart
so that flowers can bloom in it,
so rainbows can fill the
skies of my soul.
maybe i just needed it to rain.