here i am.

there i was,
broken heart.
broken dreams.
broken soul.
and there i was,
stumbling down an
endless road,
my face tattooed
in ashes,
stained with tears,
my clothes tattered,
my feet tired of
aimless wandering.
and there You were.
standing at the end
of the road, with your heart
and arms open wide,
and my tired feet ran,
they ran to You, to your
arms, to your heart.
and here i am.
slowly being put
back together.
here i am,
no longer in tatters,
but clothed in grace,
wrapped in mercy.
here i am,
with a heart with
open doors, a soul
free to love and free
to dream and free to be.
with a crown of wildflowers
instead of a crown of thorns,
and a face with light
and beauty instead of ashes.
here i am.


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