the stars that hid in your eyes.

people won’t remember
your pretty face
nor your pretty clothes
and the money you had.
they will remember
the melody in your laugh
and the way you loved
and the beauty of your heart
and the bravery of your spirit
and the kindness of your soul.
they won’t remember what
you looked like
they won’t remember what
you had.
they will remember you
and the words you told them
and the life you spoke to them
and the water you used
to bring to life the dead garden
in their souls
and they will remember the
sunshine in your smile
and the stars that
hid in your eyes.


here i am.

there i was,
broken heart.
broken dreams.
broken soul.
and there i was,
stumbling down an
endless road,
my face tattooed
in ashes,
stained with tears,
my clothes tattered,
my feet tired of
aimless wandering.
and there You were.
standing at the end
of the road, with your heart
and arms open wide,
and my tired feet ran,
they ran to You, to your
arms, to your heart.
and here i am.
slowly being put
back together.
here i am,
no longer in tatters,
but clothed in grace,
wrapped in mercy.
here i am,
with a heart with
open doors, a soul
free to love and free
to dream and free to be.
with a crown of wildflowers
instead of a crown of thorns,
and a face with light
and beauty instead of ashes.
here i am.

chains of shame.

i was tired,
i was chained,
i was hopeless
and You sang to me,
“you don’t have
to carry the world
on your shoulders.
you don’t have to
wear those chains.
you can be free.
I already forgave you.
you are blameless.”
and as You sang your
song, i realized that i
was the one who
put on myself the
chains i wore.
i didn’t have to
carry them, i didn’t
have to be a slave
to my chains, to my sin.
i tattooed myself
in shame and i hid my
face from You, not knowing
that all you ever wanted
was to wrap me in your
love and clothe me in grace.

bottle you up.

don’t hide your face.
don’t hide your heart.
don’t hide your soul.
don’t keep who you are
all to yourself.
let the world see you,
let them see the wonderful
creation that you are.
let them marvel at the
admirable light that shines
inside of you, darling.
don’t keep your beauty
and wonder to yourself.
share your brave heart,
show your kind spirit and
your gentle beauty.
but don’t keep the ugly inside.
don’t keep your doubts and
your fears and your sadness
to yourself.
don’t drown in your sorrows
and your tears.
don’t bottle yourself up.

free to be you.

i want to see you let go
and leap into the unknown and
i want to see you open your heart
and love with every beat it takes and
i want to see you fall in love with beauty
and i want to see you dance to the sound of
bravery and i want to see you reach for the stars
and i want to see you set the world on fire and
i want to see you one day kiss fear goodbye
and i want to see you hope and believe
and i want to see you sing your song
and i want to see you kiss the sun
and i want to see you choose joy
and i want to see you have faith
and dare to dream big and
run wild in a field of lilies
and hear you sing with
the sparrows and
jump and laugh
and be free
to be

you’ll find me.

even if you run away,
even if you hide,
I’m going to chase you.
and I won’t stop.
I’m going to pursue you
and I will find you
and you’ll see me
in the sky, in the sun,
and in the moon and stars.
and you’ll see me
when you buy sunflowers
and when you drink
your morning coffee
and you’ll see me in
the sunshine and
you’ll see me
in the rainy days, too.
I’ll be hiding in the
sunrises and sunsets
and mountains and valleys
and you’ll hear my voice
in the radio and in
the songs of birds.
and you’ll find me
in the words you write
and in the ones you read
and you will go on walks
and you’ll look for me
and you’ll find me
at the end of the road
with my arms open wide.

you are enough.

you are not failure.
you are not sin.
you are not your mistakes.
you are not what you did yesterday,
what you did today,
nor what you’ll do tomorrow.
you are not people’s words,
you are not people’s thoughts,
you are not what they say you will be.
you are your dreams,
you are what makes you smile
you are the words on your favorite book
you are the lyrics stuck in your head
you are the desires of your heart
and the words you write down
and you are beauty and you are hope
and you are life and you are a song
and you are forgiven and you are redeemed
and you are loved and you are bright
and you are wonderful and you are enough.

Written on November 17, 2014 for my friend Jennie.


do you know how many
people walk their way
through life never wanting
to be more than what they
are, never giving their selves
the chance to open their
hearts and be bold and
risk it all? do you know
how many people don’t
write the stories they want
to share, the poems they want
to write, the songs they want
to sing, the art they want
to make? do you know how
many people deny their selves
the opportunity to be brave, the
chance to be bold, to live in
bright colors instead of black
and white? do you know how
many people live in a cage,
afraid to love, afraid to live,
afraid to hope, afraid to feel,
afraid to be? do you know
how many people don’t let
their souls be vulnerable and
beautiful and wonderful? i
hope you’re not one of them.