birch point.

20140320-045126 p.m..jpg

it was a summer of firsts.
first crush
or something like that.
i’m still not sure if it
qualifies as a crush.
first shooting star
and i didn’t make a wish
because i knew better than
to believe that wishes on a star come true.
and yet i marveled like a little girl
thinking that God planned that moment
to tell me that He loved me.
first time singing in front of others
i had practiced all day
but when the moment came
my hands were shaking
and so was my voice.
Bruna held my hand
and the sweetest sound came from my mouth.
i blushed as
everyone smiled.
it was the first time in a long time
that i felt like i belonged
that i felt i was real
that i felt i was me.


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