Psalm 51.

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i believe You.

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in Your eyes i am
loved and special and enough.
You say i am the apple of your eye
and that i am
lovely and forgiven and justified.
and You say that i am
precious and honored in Your sight
and i believe You.
in You i am
redeemed and delivered and whole.
You make me
free and whole and alive.
You say i am Yours
and i believe You.

three nails.

with just three nails
Your life ended
and mine began.
it took only three nails
to change my destiny,
my identity,
my future.
with three nails
You gave me life i don’t deserve
because i fail you
and yet You love me.
those three nails signified
Your unending love
for me.
those three nails gave me
the freedom to struggle.
and i will never fully understand
what it meant for You to let
those three nails
pierce You.
i will never fully understand
how much it hurt,
how much it cost
You to let
those three nails pierce You.
and yet i know that
if You had to do it again
You would let
those three nails
pierce You.

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over and inside and underneath and in between.

it’s one of those days when
i know i need You
and yet i’m afraid of coming
closer to You
because i don’t know how
You will react
I don’t know if You’ll be able to look
past what i’ve done.
You’re probably done forgiving
and so i leave.
but as i turn to go
You say
*my love is over, it’s underneath,
it’s inside, it’s in between*
Your love is
over my shame.
inside my sorrow.
in between the pain.
over my guilt.
underneath my brokenness.
inside my doubt.
in between my fear.
You still love me and
there’s nothing i can do about it.

what you are.

you are more
than anyone could ever be.
you are royalty
dressed in gold jewelry and purple robes.
you are worth
more than all the diamonds in the world.
your smile
can light up the darkest sky.
your laughter makes flowers bloom.
your eyes are brighter
than a summer sun.
you are loved.
you are treasured.
you’re important.
you’re enough.

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